Leadership Presence


What is the most important lesson you have learned about being a good leader?

Developing Leadership Presence is the topic for Professor Lori Coakley’s class on Organizational Behavior next week at Bryant University.

For this class, I was asked to share some things I’ve learned about developing leadership presence. I became a manager long before I felt ready at the ripe old age of 22.

Taking a walk down memory lane has been a CRINGE-WORTHY rewind to 2002, remembering the many mistakes I made as a new leader.

My biggest discoveries from my 20s:

1. Learn who you are as a leader by forcing yourself to get outside of your comfort zone and do hard things—as often as possible.
2. It’s not about you. Being a leader is about helping others to become successful.
3. Be a role model—but don’t forget to be yourself.

You can hear more on these lessons (and some personal stories!) in the full talk here.

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