An executive leader in the insurance and data tech industries for over a decade, Shannon Shallcross is a true believer in the power companies have to use data to make a powerful impact on their bottom line profitability.

She has advised numerous Fortune 500 clients on analytics strategy, first as head of Client Management for a national health tech company, and continuing as the Co-Founder of BetaXAnalytics, a company that pioneers emerging data science techniques using artificial intelligence to remove the barrier to actionable and transparent data for providers, payers and employers. Prior to this, Shallcross spent 12 years running branch sales and service operations across the country for Amica Insurance, a $7 billion insurance company. 

Currently, Shannon is the head of Client Services for the Silicon Valley-based InsurTech Pinpoint Predictive. Pinpoint uses big data, deep learning and behavioral economics to quantify unpriceable risks for top P&C insurers.

Shallcross serves as an appointee for the State of Rhode Island’s HIE Advisory Commission which oversees technology that connects data across health care providers throughout the state. She has a Master of Science degree in Insurance Management from Boston University.

A TEDx speaker, Shannon has coached dozens of high potential leaders, data and InsurTech startups as an Advisor, as a judge for the Cox Business Get Started Rhode Island pitch competition, and as an Entrepreneur in Residence for Brown University’s prestigious Breakthrough Lab Accelerator.

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